Sanctuary Rabbits

Gracie is a nine year old Californian who was surrendered in 2008 when her owner had to move to a place which didn't allow rabbits. She has a chronic sinus infection and a blocked tear duct, which gives her a weepy appearance and needs frequent treatment. She's very sweet and love scritches!



Bess is an eight year old lop mix whose owner couldn't keep her after getting married. She is too old to be adopted, but is incredibly bold and playful despite her age! We are trying to bond her with Gracie, with indifferent success. They live side-by-side but don't yet seem interested in living together.



Noel & Dodger are two ten year olds who came to us separately and found love in the Sanctuary in 2008. Both lived outdoors, alone, in filthy hutches for nearly six years. They were never around nice people, so Dodger is still very hand shy but Noel has become a real lovebug! Both enjoy the freedom and stimulation of a huge pen and lots of toys.



Jeannie came to us from a vet in 2006 after she was surrendered with a huge abscessed wound. We aren't sure what happened to her, but she hates both other rabbits and children, making it very hard for her to be adoptable! She is guessed to be around 10 years old and is a little slower these days, but still very sweet.



Rosemarie is a 12 year old girl who was surrendered with her sister in 2003. They were up for adoption for nearly three years with not a single inquiry.  Rosie's sister died of cancer in late 2006 and we decided Rosie should stay in the Sanctuary. She suffers chronic bladder sludge and is on a carefully managed diet to help control this.



Daisy & Wordsworth were adopted from ACR&s but returned in 2006 after Daisy bit the adopter. Naturally, this history made it nearly impossible to place her for adoption! We kept them up for adoption but never had any takers, and in 2007 we moved them into the Sanctuary. Both are around 6 years old and still very healthy.



Wendy & BB are the youngest residents of the Sanctuary. They are rejected Easter bunnies who showed up in the local shelter one summer. They must have never been very well socialized because they are a pair of terrors! They are incredibly destructive and not very friendly.  They are technically still available for adoption, but despite plenty of exposure on BunSpace we've never had any inquiries on them. There are just too many nicer adoptable rabbits to choose from!